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Call PRS Plotter Repair Service, the experts in HP printer service. With over 30 combined years experience, who else to trust for all your printer needs PRS Plotter Repair Service will not only service LaserJet printers, but also other great products such as multifunction printers and wide format plotters. Our Office understands all businesses need a hassle free approach on printer service and repairs; therefore we have taken the hassle out for you. We understand your company has outlaid great sums for your printer investments, and understands sometimes a printer needs to be looked at after the warranty ahs expired, therefore PRS Plotter Repair Service is well established for all your HP printer service needs.

PRS Plotter Repair Service knows printers, and over 15 years of experience has proven that in the industry. Our Office strives to be the best in its industry and as leaders of its industry many corporations have put their trust in our services for many years. Our role in the industry is to resolve any printer issues you’re experiencing with the least amount of fuss and in the most effective and professional way. Taking out major costs for having a HP printer service carried out by PRS Plotter Repair Service , we offer all our customers and clients a flat call out rate to have a look at your printer and service it without any labour charges incurred. In some cases parts are required and a repair is needed therefore PRS Plotter Repair Service will quote you on any parts and the repairs required for your printer to be restored to its full function capacity.

PRS Plotter Repair Service has trained and skilled service technicians on the road to carry out a HP printer service onsite and efficiently. Our service technicians have been equipped with state of the art vehicles and carry common HP parts to carry out any repairs required while on site. PRS Plotter Repair Service offers a flat call out rate for a service technician to service your printer and if any repairs are required our technicians will provide you with a quote for any parts required. in some cases while on site carrying out a HP printer service and PRS Plotter Repair Service Centre discoverers your printer  requires a repair and is in need of an offsite repair. PRS Plotter Repair Service can offer a loan machine (subject to availability) to ensure your business is still operation and is not disrupted for long periods of time.

PRS Plotter Repair Service has also dedicated friendly and professional staff with the latest technology and software to answer any printer questions you might have or to book in all your HP printer service needs. Our office has extended its services to providing its clients and customers with consumables at an outstanding rate.

PRS Plotter Repair Service  believes you should have your printer looked at regularly to ensure your printer is operating to its full capacity and smoothly. Your HP printer should be maintained and serviced on a regular basis and PRS Plotter Repair Service  can offer a no contracts regular service programme for all your printers.

To book in a HP printer service today, call PRS Plotter Repair Service  on 0296840022.


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