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HP a leader in its industry for printers, need it serviced? Look no further than PRS Plotter Repair Service Centre for all your HP service needs. With our specialised technicians, we can service your HP printer conveniently at your premises and efficiently fix any problems your printer is experiencing while on site.

Paid enough for your printer and don’t want to spend an arm and a leg for a service contract, then look no further! PRS Plotter Repair Service Centre offers a no contract service programme, where our staff can arrange with you convenient dates to carry out on your printer a HP service.

Not looking for any hidden charges and costs with the service? PRS Plotter Repair Service Centre charges a flat call out rate with no labour charges which includes a general clean carried out on your printer. If parts need to be replaced due to wear and tear our technicians will quote you on the costs before proceeding with any works.

Want to speak to a person familiar with your business needs rather than a call centre overseas? Rest assure your call will be taken by one of PRS Plotter Repair Service Centre friendly staff based in the Sydney metro area to arrange your HP service and any consumables you may need.

Are you in need of a speedy service? PRS Plotter Repair Service Centre has a 4-6 hour response time, therefore having a service carried out without the worries of a no show.

You know you are being looked after, when a company will offer you a warranty on any works carried out on your printer. PRS Plotter Repair Service Centre values its clients before profits and we ensure all your needs are covered. We have spent the time and energy to train all our staff and technicians to make sure they are well equipped for any problems or questions to arise. With PRS Plotter Repair Service Centre state of the art vehicles, our technicians are ready for the most complex repair down to the simplest HP service.

We understand your time is valuable and in shortage, therefore PRS Plotter Repair Service Centre has taken the hassle out of booking any services and maintenances, and our staff are equipped with state of the art technology to log all your service call needs, All your service questions are ready to be answered by our staff who are armed with the right answers and solutions.

You know you have trusted the correct company for any HP service or maintenance needs when you can have your printer looked at on the same business day or at the latest the following day.

Call our office today for a friendly chat and organise a service with an organisation that understands and specialises in the service and repairs HP printers. Call PRS Plotter Repair Service Centre for expert advice on 0296840022.

We value your call and are ready for the challenge ahead. PRS Plotter Repair Service Centre knows printers.


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