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Take advantage of the PRS Plotter Repair Service Centre HP printer repairs and call us today on 02 9684 0022.

Have you invested in a HP and it has passed its warranty, then look no further than PRS Plotter Repair Service Centre for all your HP printer repairs and service needs. With over 30 combined years’ experience our office has put in the effort to providing an outstanding service, which makes us the leaders in the industry. The PRS HP service centre focusses mainly on providing a great service to our clients, ensuring customer satisfaction and quality service. All of our HP printer repairs are carried out with precision and promptness. At the PRS HP service centre we understand some businesses are too busy to worry about repairs to their printers, therefor we have taken the hassle out of dropping your printer off at a repair centre, PRS Plotter Repair Service Centre specialises in onsite services, and the perfect place to have a look at getting a repair carried out is in the printer’s environment. While on site PRS Plotter Repair Service Centre will assess your printer and quote you on the HP service required.

PRS Plotter Repair Service Centre believes in a hassle free repair and does not believe in hidden costs for our clients and customers, therefore we offer a flat call out rate to assess your printer and provide it with a general clean, all and any repairs or parts required will be quoted on while on site for your convenience.

PRS Plotter Repair Service Centre has hired and trained expert technicians with ample years of experience in the office machine industry. Our skilled HP service technicians have also been equipped with state of the art vehicles which contain most common parts for some smaller repairs to be carried out on site at the initial call out. In some cases HP printer repairs cannot be carried out on site; therefore PRS Plotter Repair Service Centre can arrange a loan printer (subject to availability) for your business to remain functioning.

PRS Plotter Repair Service Centre is also dedicated to training capable office staff in the printer industry as to better serve our clients and customers. Our HP service centre staff members have the latest technology and software to log your entire repair needs to have a service carried out by our on road repair technicians as soon as possible, as to minimise major disruption and stand stills to your business and workforce.

Our HP service centre is not only limited to repairing printers alone but other office machine products, such as multifunction printers and wide format plotters.

For all your HP printer repairs, or to have a service carried out call PRS Plotter Repair Service Centre. HP is a leader in printers and PRS Plotter Repair Service Centre are leaders in all types of HP printer repairs, take full advantage of a repair and book one in today on 02 9684 0022.

If you require more than a repair and you’re after service or consumables, call one of our friendly staff and have a chat to them about our great service and our great rates. Call PRS Plotter Repair Service Centre Today 02 9684 0022.

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